The Sneaky Thing That Might Be Causing Your Stomach Pain

Find possible factors behind abdominal pain predicated on specific factors. Check one or more factors on this page that apply to your symptom. Liver problems. Pain related to the liver organ may be brought on by swelling (hepatitis), an abscess, liver scarring (cirrhosis), or an enlarged or faltering liver. Symptoms of liver organ problems include pain in the upper right abdominal and/or back, exhaustion, nausea Avoid giving ginger to children under 24 months. Adults should take the dose of 4 gm. of ginger per day and women that are pregnant should take up to 1 1 gm.
Colicky pain is pain that will come in waves. It usually begins and ends all of the sudden, and is often severe. Kidney rocks and gallstones are common causes of this type of tummy pain. Correct it: If moderate, treat the symptoms with over-the-counter medications. In severe situations, it's likely you have to use anti-inflammatory medicines or steroids. I am concerned that what you have is a viral health problems more than food poisoning. If you don't had gone out to eat at a restaurant or consumed food that others have gotten the same symptoms. Typically it's the meal you had 2-6 time prior that could have given you food poisoning. You likely still are contagious.
Bacterias - Salmonella is the most frequent reason behind serious food poisoning in america, but other culprits include , listeria, Campylobacter and C. botulinum. My apologies to listen to of your permanent frustration and pain. It looks like you may be on the correct path now. I hope you do better with your avoidance of particular foods. or insufficient urge for food, and jaundice. Liver organ problems are relatively exceptional in persons not already in danger.
Honey has antibacterial properties and is abundant with carbs, sugars, and antioxidants. Give your son or daughter some honey dissolved in a glass of warm water. It will soothe the abdominal. However, do not give your child honey if he is less than annually old. Your child may get botulism with raw honey. The information on this site should not be used as an alternative to professional care. When you have a particular problem, see a medical expert, or band the Parent Helpline on 1300 364 100 (local call cost from any place in South Australia).
MRI of the abdominal may be done rather than CT. Special MRI investigations of bile ducts and belly arteries exist. Many families try very difficult to make diet changes to reduce the pain. Often this does not work. Cutting out dairy and milk products is often tried out, but this means that a good way to obtain calcium is lost. See a dietician before you make major changes for you child's diet.stomach ache what to eat to feel better
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